Kinex Continues to Grow

May 5, 2021

With the addition of four new employees in the last six months, Kinex continues to grow and become a viable service provider in the region. “I left here many years ago because the jobs just weren’t available for a young person, so when I returned, I promised I would try to do my part to create good paying jobs.” said Jim Garrett, Kinex’s president. “With the advent of the Internet, brain drain doesn’t have to be as big a factor as in the past, but it has to be fast, reliable Internet. I have worked on it for years and our pace has been slow, but with the recent RDOF Grant, and the help of the localities, universal coverage in our community may be in clear sight. We plan to continue to invest back into the community through jobs and fiber expansion. This is where we live and that matters.” said Garrett.