About Us

Our Mission

At Kinex our mission is to provide the highest quality IT and Communications Services to businesses, educational institutions, and residents by focusing on client satisfaction, excellent communication, and proactive solutions. 

We are proud pioneers of the modern telecom industry and are committed to serving our customers and community using our knowledge and expertise to bring valuable solutions to organizations large and small. We pride ourselves as a results-oriented, customer-driven corporation with global experience in web communication. We have a proven ability to identify and address customer needs, troubleshoot today’s problems, and promptly respond to our customers in a manner in which we would like to be treated. 

Our Story

Kinex Telecom, Inc, began as the second ISP venture for Jim Garrett and Sean Cook. Jim, the original founder of hovac.com and Sean, the Linux engineer behind its success, opened Kinex in January 2002. Kinex was born because the community expressed their concerns about the loss of service-oriented ISP and computer repair business.

Because of the Telecom Act of 1996, and our fond memories of the long gone customer-oriented telephone company, we decided that we would try a different approach for our new company. Our business plan was to open an ISP, apply to the Virginia SCC to become a telephone company, convert the telephone lines used by our ISP for modems to our telephone company, and use the funds to pay the a telephone switch. Additionally, we would focus on fiber training and certifications so we could eventually network the community with the latest fiber technology. Even with the best  of intentions sometimes things don’t always work in the timeline of a well thought out business plan, however, we always work hard to stay the course and be a service to the community.

We currently design and install networks and maintain networks for businesses throughout Central Virginia. We provide broadband fixed wireless, DSL, leased fiber lines, and Fiber connectivity to the internet. We specialize in firewalls, VPN tunnels, and all aspects of wire line and fiber connectivity.

We believe that great customer service is performed by local people that are helping people within their own community. Other companies and providers take jobs from our communities and force our children to move away in order to provide for their families. Please join us in making Kinex a successful technology center that creates jobs for our kids, technology for our community, and customer service that we all deserve.