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How To Clean Up Email On The Server

How to Clean up Email for your domain when you are using IMAP or POP3


To remove your email off our server and if your email account is set up as IMAP in Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc., also if your domain is with us; please follow these steps.

1. Open your web browser and enter the webmail address that Kinex has given you.

a.If you do not know your webmail address please call Kinex

2. Once you are at your webmail address login page enter your full email address and your password.

3. Once in your email on our server go through clear out all the email you do not wish to have.

a.Select the emails

b.Click the delete button

c.Then go over and click the purge button beside the trash folder

4. Log out.

Note: Doing this at least once a week will help keep your emails down on our server. This will also make sure that your email or domain does not go over quota and cause bigger issues.


If you do not wish to leave a copy of your emails on the server indefinitely through IMAP you can set your email account up as POP.

When you set your email up as make sure that you go under advanced settings in the email account settings and check the box next to “Leave Email on Server for this many (you decide how long) amount of days”.

With POP all emails will automatically be pulled off our server within the specified day.