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Setting Up Your Email Program

Configuring the Eudora Email client

1. Open Eudora.

2. The Options window will display. If not, click Tools on the menu bar then Options.

3. Scroll to the top of the list and Select Getting Started.

4. Complete the following fields:

  • Real Name – The name from which any Email sent using this profile will display.
  • Return Address – The address from which any Email sent will display. This is the address from which you may drop the mail from your domain name. For example:
  • Incoming Mail Server – The mail server your incoming Email will go through, which is
  • Login Name – Your username (i.e., if your username is, then login name is ‘username’).
  • SMTP Server (Outgoing) – The mail server your Email sent using this profile will go through which is
  • Allow Authentication – you would want to check this box if you want to be prompted for a password when you check your mail.

5. Click OK.

Setup for Netscape 6 Email Client

1. Open Netscape 6.0.

2. From the Tasks menu, choose Mail & Newsgroups.

3. Select ISP or Email provider.

4. Click the Next button.

5. In the Your Name field, type in your name.

6. In the Email Address field, type your full Email address (e.g.,

7. Click the Next button.

8. Click the POP radio button in the Select the type of incoming server you are using area.Note: If your version of Netscape Mail has a Server Type drop-down list, choose POP Mail Server.

9. In the Incoming Server field, type your Incoming mail server (POP) (as determined during step 1 of this walkthrough).

10. In the Outgoing Server (SMTP) field, type

11. Click the Next button.

12. In the User Name field, type your full Email address (e.g.,

13. Click the Next button.

14. In the Account Name field, type your full Email address (e.g.,

15. Click the Next button.

16. Click the Finish button.

Note: When you first send an Email, a window asking for your password will appear. Type your Email password

Setup for Netscape 7 Email Client

1. Open Netscape Mail & Newsgroups.

2. Select Email account.

3. Click the Next button.

4. In the Your Name field, type in your name.

5. In the Email Address field, type your full Email address (e.g.,

6. Click the Next button.

7. Select POP.

8. In the Incoming Server field, type the incoming mail server,

9. In the Outgoing server field, type

10. Click the Next button.

11. In the User Name field, type your Kinex username without the domain (ie, without the

12. Click the Next button.

13. In the Account Name field, type your full Kinex Email address.

14. Click the Next button.

15. Click the Finish button. Note: When you first send an Email, a window asking for your password will appear. Type your Email password and click OK to continue.

Setting up Outlook for Email

This will walk you through configuring the Outlook Email client. If you have Outlook Express, Use the Outlook Express instructions below.

1. Open Outlook by clicking on the Start menu, then Programs, then Microsoft Outlook

2. If this is the first time you are setting up Outlook for your computer the Outlook Wizard should appear. If you don’t see it right away, go into the Tools Menu and Select Email Accounts.

3. Select “Add a new Email account,” then click “Next”

4. Under “Server type” choose POP3, then click “Next”

5. Fill in the information for “Internet Email Settings pOP3” Enter your full Email address (

6. Fill in the Incoming mail server (POP3) as:

7. Fill in the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) as:

8. Click Next then click Finish

Outlook Express 4 Setup

This document explains how to configure Microsoft Outlook Express 4 for use with If you already have a Account configured, and just want to check the settings, get the Outlook Express 4 Account Options instructions. The instructions on this page will show you how to use the Account Wizard to set up a new account using Outlook Express 4. You can either read through the entire setup or skip to the section that you need. Note: In order to use this procedure, you need access to your account information.


Outlook Express is both an Email program and a news reader all in one. It allows you to setup multiple mail and news accounts. For example you could have it check your Email from as well as from other Email providers or multiple accounts. You can also specify multiple news servers. These instructions are for configuring Outlook Express for use with Email, however, you can easily modify these instructions for other accounts by replacing the necessary server information that you can obtain from your service provider.

Mail Setup

1. To begin, start Outlook Express and go to the Tools menu and choose Accounts.

2. Once the dialog box appears, choose Add on the right side and select Mail.

3. The Outlook Express Internet Connection Wizard will appear. Fill in the information that each screen asks. Filling in your name will be their first step. This is the name that will appear in the From: line of your Email. You can use your real name or if you prefer an alias, you can place that in this space.

4. Then enter your Email address

5. Enter the appropriate server information. The servers for

  • POP3:
  • SMTP:

6. When it asks you for your username and password, be sure to use the password you chose for Email, NOT the password for your Dial-up connection (they may or may not be the same).

7. Give it a name that you would like displayed for this account. This is the name that will appear when you’re looking at a listing of the accounts you have setup for Outlook Express.

8. Choose your connection type. Select the option that works best for you. The following are brief descriptions of each:

  • Connect using my phone line: choose this option to have Outlook Express automatically dial your provider when you click on “Send & Receive” mail.
  • Connect using my Local Area Network (LAN): choose this if your computer is connected directly to the Internet via a Local Area Network. Note: This option is not relevant for You must be dialed into an POP to be able to retrieve mail from the service.
  • I will establish my Internet connection manually: choose this option if you would like to manually connect to instead of having it automatically dialed for you.

9. Click finish and you’re done. To check your mail, click on the “Send & Receive” button on the toolbar. If you have authentication problems, try entering your Email ID in lowercase.

10. When you are sending Email from an account other than the default Email account, go to File and select Send Using, and select the account you want to use.

Thunderbird Setup

1. Open Thunderbird.

2. If this is your first time starting Thunderbird, the Account Wizard should open automatically and you may continue to step three. If the Account Wizard does not display automatically when you start Thunderbird, complete the following steps:

  • Open the Tools menu, and click on Account Settings…
  • In the Account Settings window, click on the button labeled Add Account… The Account Wizard should then appear.

3. Click Next.

4. Fill in your name and Email address. The name that you fill in will be displayed to recipients of the Emails that you send. Most likely you will want to use your Kinex Email address in the Email Address field, as the address you enter will be used when people reply to the messages that you send. Click Next.

5. Type in the Incoming Server field. Type in the Outgoing server field. Most likely you will want to leave Use Global Inbox checked, unless you have more than one Email account and would like to keep this account separate. Leave any other settings as they are and click Next.

6. Fill in the username for your Email account in the Incoming User Name field. The Outgoing User Name field may be left as-is; we will change it later. Click Next.

7. You are now presented with a summary of the configuration. You may choose to check for new messages immediately by leaving the Download messages now option checked. Click Finish.

8. If you chose to check your messages immediately, a window should appear after a few seconds asking you for your account password. If you did not choose to check your messages immediately, the window should come up when you do. Enter your Email account password in the box. You may choose to have your password stored on your computer by checking the box labeled Use password manager to remember this password. Using password manager will save you time by allowing you to check your messages without having to retype your password again; However, it also allows anyone who uses your computer to check the Email messages without knowing the password. Click OK.

  • Open the Tools menu, and click on Account Settings…
  • Click on Outgoing Server (SMTP), and uncheck the box labeled Use name and password. Click OK.

Your Thunderbird Email client is now configured to send and receive Email using your Kinex Email account.