Client Help Center

Settings For Protocols

Here is help with the different types of protocols we offer and support.


Dial-up Connection

Username: with your username in place of “username”.

Dial-up Numbers:

  • Blackstone: 292-1013(V.90)
  • Charlotte Court House: 542-5066(V.90)
  • Drakes Branch: 568-5151(V.90)
  • Farmville: 391-3450(V.90), 392-9481(V.90), 392-1942(V.92)
  • Roanoke: 540-767-5066(V.90)
  • South Boston: 517-0948(V.90)

Warning: We will not be responsible for long-distance charges. It is up to you to make sure that our number is local to your location.


Incoming Mail Server: Outgoing Mail Server:


News Server: NNTP Authentication: Dial-up username is required to access newsgroups.

FTP & Personal Web Site:

FTP Host/Address: Initial Remote Directory: If available, leave blank Login/UserID: Dial-up username Password: Dial-up password Personal Website URL: with your username in place of “username”.

ISP Members’ Area (Your Account):

Go to and login with your Dial-up username and Dial-up password.